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Treetop adventures at Parc Écureuil

A high ropes adventures course accessible to everyone

Want to go on an adventure deep in the countryside ? In Terra Volcana you can, at Parc Écureuil in Châtel-Guyon !

This 4-hectare adventure park offers something for children and adults, who can enjoy the views from several metres up in the trees. Because Parc Écureuil is a high ropes adventure course!

Come to Châtel-Guyon to take on the elements with your family or friends, with a choice of adventure routes available. Tarzan better watch out !

And if you don’t have a head for heights, at Parc Écureuil in Auvergne there are other nature-based activities you can do, including an experience game and geocaching. There’s something for every taste and an activity for everyone !

Follow the guide !

Get up high in Châtel-Guyon

Everyone from age 3 to 99 can test their agility on our high ropes adventure course! Test your limits on the flying skateboard, 20 metres up. Take the plunge on our Tarzan jumps. Feel the speed and get an adrenaline buzz on the zip wire course. No fewer than 12 different adventure routes are on offer at Parc Écureuil, in Auvergne. From the kiddies’ ‘Petit Pirate’ course to the heart-in-your-mouth thrills of the ‘Frisson’ course, every option promises an energising experience packed with adrenaline thrills.

The bonus ? Two 1km-long zip wires 45 metres above the ground! Do you have the nerve to fly above the treetops on the XXL course ? We guarantee it’ll blow the cobwebs away !

The benefits ? In addition to enjoying a unique experience and getting close to nature out in the country, Parc Écureuil in Châtel-Guyon enables you – whether you’re a child, a teen or adult – to take on a challenge and push yourself beyond your limits. Head for new heights! The sessions are friendly, exciting and – above all – fun ! This activity introduces you to thrilling new experiences which you share with the other participants.

Is it safe ?

All of the children’s and adult’s adventure routes are fitted with a continuous safety line, part of a system that ensures your complete safety. Unlike many other adventure parks, as you progress along the course, at no point do you have to unclip yourself and clip in again.

And you are supervised by a qualified team who will give you advice about overcoming the challenges along the way.

Parc Écureuil at Châtel-Guyon is a licensed public attraction suitable for children that complies with all the relevant safety and visitor reception standards.

Top tip: wear enclosed, trainer-type shoes and comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather conditions on the day. We recommend wearing long trousers and a long- or short-sleeved T-shirt. In the summer, don’t forget to apply sun cream – it’s not shady enough in the trees to protect children or adults from the sun.

The experience game and geocaching – Fun summer experiences

Is a high ropes adventure course not your thing ? Not to worry ! Parc Écureuil in Châtel-Guyon also offers a ‘Modern-Day Treasure Hunt’ geocaching activity.  Kitted out with a GPS unit and a route book full of clues, you set off to find the caches hidden close to different points of interest. Will you manage to solve all the puzzles and find all the caches stashed away around the grounds ? There’s only one way to find out!

This activity at Parc Écureuil in Auvergne is best played as a team adventure with your family or friends. The best thing about it ? You have so much fun, relying on both your mental and physical abilities in an all-round activity !

Are you feeling brave ? Ready to take on the challenges of our 100% outdoor Game-of-Thrones-style fantasy medieval escape game ? Then Parc Écureuil’s Experience Game is for you !

You follow this adventure, packed with riddles and mysteries to solve, along the Vallée de Sans-Souci for 3.6 km. Will you find all the clues in time ? The whisper is that you have to concoct a magic potion by collecting lots of different ingredients and essences along the way…

A fun, educational experience for children aged 11 and over in Terra Volcana !

Fancy a night in a treehouse at Parc ÉCUREUIL in Auvergne ?

After a thrilling, fun-packed day at Parc Écureuil, all you’ll want to do is relax! Never fear – at Parc Écureuil in Châtel-Guyon, you can chill out in our treehouse high up in the trees. With your family, your friends or someone special, enjoy an unusual and magical experience close to nature, gazing at the stars in the night sky, nine metres up !

The way up to this amazing tree house – which can sleep up to four people and includes heating and a composting toilet – is completely safe.

The following morning, after spending the night up in the trees, you’ll find a basket on the ground below containing a delicious breakfast. Sit back, relax and enjoy this incredible nature experience in the unspoilt Auvergne countryside !

More about the “cabane” treehouse at Parc Écureuil

So, Parc Écureuil offers it all : adventure, adrenaline and more … But even if you’re not into big thrills, there are plenty of other things to enjoy here !



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