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How about taking to the air?

One flew over a nest of volcanoes

What would you say to the opportunity to gaze at our sleeping giants from on board a microlight or paraglider? Don’t worry, this adventure requires no previous experience and is completely safe. Ready for an unforgettable thrill? Can’t wait to soar high above the morning mist hanging over the plain? Let’s go!

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime thrill on board a microlight in the company of legendary pilot and aerial photographer Jacques Bolle, flying over the Chaîne des Puys Volcanoes for a totally different bird’s-eye view of them. It’s like you’ve hit the pause button… Time seems to stop, and when you touch down afterwards you’ll be a different person, your head crammed with a host of incredible images that will never leave you. That’s precisely what you get when you go with Delta Dôme, in Riom!

Fly like a bird

For a different, aerial view of Auvergne and the huge volcanoes, nothing beats a paraglider. You’re taken wherever the wind blows, accompanied by a qualified pilot who will ensure you remain comfortable throughout your flight.

Walking on volcanoes may be a rare experience, but seeing them from above makes you realise just how vast this unique volcanic landscape really is. And it’s a great way of getting fresh air! Tell Freedom Parapente or Aero Parapente what you’ve always wanted to do and they will make it happen. Unique thrills guaranteed!

Paragliding with Freedom Parapente
Paragliding ©Freedom Parapente
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